Dorenko acknowledged Duda hero


Sergey Dorenkott: Vladimir Vyatkin / RIA Novosti

Chief editor of radio station “Moscow speaking” Sergei Dorenko called a fellow interviewer Yuri Dude hero and explained what his genius. About this he wrote in his Telegram-channel “Defrocked”.

According to Dorenko, the Dude managed to do what no one could before him in the Russian segment of the Internet.

“He could become a hero, which is a Large generation 1984-1987 birth, that wildly cool,” explained the journalist.

Dorenko also said that the interviewer was able to achieve such commercialization of public-political broadcasting, which gives him independence. While other professional journalists can’t repeat the success of Duda.

“We all see. I seem to understand. But I do not understand. He’s a jerk all so cool did what he could with attendants and independence” — summed up again.

Earlier Dorenko has repeatedly spoken about Him in a negative way. In particular, the chief editor of “Moscow speaking” called the interviewer an “upstart” and “grandfather by PropertyKey from the farm”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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