Found a way to double the lifespan


Photo: Jan Gruber

Scientists at the National University of Singapore has managed to nearly double the lifespan of roundworms Caenorhabditis elegans using various anti-aging medicines. This publication reports Science Alert.

Specialists have experienced a mixture of different drugs that have been shown in previous studies, could slow the aging process. One of these compounds is rapamycin, which inhibits the activity of mTOR target rapamycin in mammals, which is a component of signaling complexes that regulate cell growth. According to scientists, the efficiency rapamycin can increase with additional connections.

Scientists have experienced the short-lived nematode paired and triple combinations of different drugs, including rapamycin, rifampicin, psora-4, Metformin and allantoin. It turned out that two combinations of the two compounds — ampicin-rifampicin and rifampicin-the psora-4 — significantly slow down the aging process and increase life expectancy compared with the use of any single drug. A similar effect had two combinations of three compounds: rifampicin-allantoin and psora-4 and rifampicin-rapamycin-allantoin.

The researchers also demonstrated that the drug combination shows a synergistic effect on the signaling pathway of the cell, that is, there is an effect that is absent when using these compounds separately. The increase in life expectancy through the influence on insulin-like growth factor 1, which plays an important role in the aging process and the factors of the SREBP family involved in lipid metabolism.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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