In Kiev have told off the “filthy propaganda” Skobeev and demanded for her to sanctions


Photo: @olgaskabeeva

First Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Iryna Gerashchenko said that in the sanctions lists of the European Union and the United States should add a journalist of TV channel “Russia 1” Olga Skobeeva and a number of her colleagues. His opinion was shared in Facebook.

Gerashchenko said that he learned that on 17 October, leading the program “60 minutes” on the channel “Russia 1” had a conversation with the alleged eyewitness of the massacre in Kerch College sophomore Alina Caraway (it was later revealed that the College student with the same name and surname died during the shooting).

“Horrified to read the information, though, the Kremlin’s propaganda, the same vile person who molested our delegation in the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (…) in my disgusting program aired “interview” … the dead in Kerch girlfriend,” — said Vice-speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament.

“I really don’t understand why in the sanctions lists of the USA and the EU is still only a couple of Kremlin propagandists like Dima Kiselev (Director General of International information Agency “Russia today” Dmitry Kiselev is in the sanctions lists of the European Union, Switzerland and Canada — approx. “Of the”), are directly involved in inciting ethnic hatred and hybrid war. And these Scabeii isn’t involved? To the most disgusting propaganda and the incitement of enmity, hatred, aggression against neighboring countries, Nations, peoples, and nationalities. Why they are not in the sanctions list of the civilized countries?” — I wrote to Gerashchenko.

According to her, Kiev must take the initiative and ask the European partners to “these names of immoral people who are destroying European values”, was also included in the sanctions lists.

After the publication in mass media of information about what is in the air “Russia 1” leading “60 minutes” talked with Alina Caraway that really died during the shooting in the Kerch College, Olga Skobeeva made explanations. According to her, the name of the deceased introduced himself to another student, who also witnessed the incident. Someone else’s name she called supposedly from fright, because they were in a state of shock after seeing it. To communicate with this person to the editors of “60 minutes” was advised by the volunteer who organized the collection of blood for the victims, says Skobeeva.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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