Leading “Russia 1” explained the appearances of the dead in Kerch students


Olga Kabaeva Photo: @olgaskabeeva

Host of “60 minutes” Olga Skobeeva explained how lost in the Kerch College student Alina Kerova gave an interview to the TV channel “Russia 1”. About it the journalist wrote on his page in Instagram.

According to Skobeevo, the name of the deceased had another student who was also a witness to the tragedy in Kerch. The girl was in shock after what he saw, so scared to call someone else’s name.

To communicate with this person to the editors of the program were advised by the volunteer who organized the collection of blood for the victims.

“The girl answered the phone editor in 17.44, she agreed to a phone interview, and of course we brought the witness to the incident live. Editor she introduced herself Alina Caraway. Introduced myself, we don’t know for sure, not knowing about the tragic fate of Alina,” wrote Skobeeva, adding that informal lists of victims named Alina Caraway at that time was not.

At the end of the message the presenter brought condolences to the families of the victims and wished health to the injured.

Earlier media have noticed that in the broadcast of “60 minutes” on September 17 Skobeeva talked on the phone with a College student Alina Caraway. However, several days later it turned out that the girl was killed during a shooting at a school.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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