Petersburger suddenly found in his apartment the rails


Photo: B1ngo1337 / Pikabu

A resident of St. Petersburg found under the floor of his apartment, located on the first floor of the house on Sadovaya street, old rails. About it reports regional portal

The discovery was made during repairs, when disassembling the sexes. “Found here are the rails/runners. They were under all the floors, decking, logs and so on,” — said the owner of the apartment.

“My parents ran across some documents that the house was rebuilt in the 90s, but they lived there at the time, and no repairs never been” — said the man.

According to local residents, the house in 1835, built as an outbuilding of a mansion of Navigator lisiansky, has not been repaired since 1891. Then the building changed the facades.

Unusual finds were not uncommon in the repair of old Russian homes. So, in July 2018, the repair of apartments on ulitsa Lizy chaykinoy in St. Petersburg was discovered a human skeleton. The remains found under the floor in the kitchen. And in February of 2018 at replacement of water pipes in one of the houses of Moscow, a construction crew stumbled upon a human skull.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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