The ban on wearing the niqab recognized violation of human rights


Photo: Ritzau Scanpix Denmark / Reuters

The Committee on human rights, the United Nations said on 23 October that the ban on the wearing of the niqab, operating in France, is a violation of human rights. This was reported by Reuters.

According to the Committee, fines for women wearing the niqab are a violation of human rights. The arguments of France did not convince the Committee members that introduced in 2010 the ban “is really necessary and is comparable with the safety requirements and also meets the principles of coexistence in society.”

In addition, the Committee concluded that a ban on the niqab may have an effect opposite of the desired effect: instead of protecting women, it causes them to stay at home, without access to public services and further away from society.

Within 180 days, the French authorities ordered to report to the Committee on the measures taken. It is assumed that the law prohibiting the wearing of the niqab, will be reviewed. The Committee’s decisions, however, are Advisory in nature and not binding.

In addition to the niqab, in some cities of France banned burkini, Muslim suits for swimming. Similar bans already exist in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, some regions of Switzerland and Canada.

Niqab — Muslim women’s headdress covering the face, with a narrow slit for the eyes. Usually it is made of fabric of black color. The niqab consists of a fillet and fixed to it two rectangular scarves: one of them falls on the face, leaving the eye open and the other completely hides a woman’s hair.

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