The beaver took down a tree on a yacht with people


Photo: Shutterstock

A couple from Germany almost died because of beavers, which knocked down a tree on their yacht, reports on Tuesday, October 23, The Independent.

The pair was travelling in the North of Germany on the river Elda, when they fell 20-meter-long trunk, a beaver nibbled. Vacationers almost thrown overboard, but they were not injured. The main damage was done to the ship, its repair the owners will have to spend several thousand euros.

“They were lucky that the boat made of metal, and they were even able to continue their trip”, — quotes the edition a press-the Secretary of the local police.

The Eurasian beaver is the largest rodent in Europe. It can weigh about 30 pounds.

In September of this year in Brazil, a child of three days old has had seven stings deadly Scorpion. The animal slipped to the girl in the diaper. Newborn did injections of the antidote, she had a few days to spend in intensive care.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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