The dog looked after the dog and accidentally parodied meme “wrong guy”


Photo: minarosli / Reddit

A Reddit user with the nickname minarosli posted on the website a photo of your husky in the Park, which at the time of the shooting was looking for a Chihuahua, while next to him clung a dog of his breed. The owner of the animal compared the dog with the hero of the famous meme “bad guy”.

The record hit the top of Reddit, collecting more than 40 thousand positive reactions. “I just witnessed the birth of a new meme,” stated teahugger.

Users began to speculate about the circumstances in which were animals, and voiced their thoughts. Dog right this moment could utter “You look at this little bitch?”, says the user jtdusk. “I wonder how it smells under her tail,” could talk a dog master looking for a Chihuahua, says GimmieABreakMan. Dirty mind dog gives his protruding tongue, said YesterEve.

Image: Imgur 1/2

Previously users imigongo found the gay version of the famous meme. In the picture the groom took pictures with the bride on the beach, turned to the man in a speedo athletic, which came out of the water.

Meme “wrong guy” was born in the summer of 2017. Users of social networks drew attention to the the Bank on which the young man walking with the girl, was looking at another girl in a red dress. Meme instantly gained popularity, it began to be used as an illustration of the inconsistency between dreams and reality. The Swedish advertising regulator has officially recognized this image sexist.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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