The girl lifted her skirt in the Cathedral for a photo


Photo: Jesse Walker

Belgian model Marisa Papen lifted her skirt and took a picture in the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Reported by the Mirror.

At the recent online photos of a girl posing in a black burka at the entrance of the Museum, showing the lower part fully naked body. The author of the picture became Australian photographer Jesse Walker, who was accompanied by a model during her travels in Turkey.

According to the model, to make this shot, the photographer had to stand in long queues. “If you ever been to the Hagia Sophia, you know that there is not a day when he had not been flooded with thousands of tourists, she said. We waited for the moment when the guide approached with his group for all of us to see.”

Moreover, the first picture did not satisfy the photographer, and they repeated the survey the next day.

The pair almost got the police, who arrived after them to the hotel. However, the time model and photographer has managed to leave the city.

In June, Marisa Papen appeared Nude on the contrary are sacred to the adherents of Judaism places in Jerusalem. On her website she has published a series of Nude photographs under The Wall of Shame (“Wall of shame”). One of the photos of photographer Matthias Lambrecht Papen sunning on a white plastic chair in front of the Wailing Wall.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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