The oldest wreck found in Black sea


Frame: The Guardian / YouTube

Archaeologists found at the bottom of the Black sea, the most ancient sunken ship, whose age reaches 2 400 years. This publication reports The Guardian.

Greek 23-metre-long ship was found at a depth of about two kilometers. Experts note the relatively good condition of the mast, the helm and seats for rowing, which have been preserved due to the oxygen deficiency at great depths. Scientists believe that the ship is the type of merchant ships, which until now was known only from drawings on pottery vessels. Like the ship depicted on attic vase 480 BC, depicting the scene of the meeting of Odysseus with the sirens.

The ship was discovered within the three-year mission of underwater archaeologists and surveyors exploring the bottom of the Black sea. At the moment, the team of scientists found over 60 wrecks. The age of sunken ships spans the classical period, Roman times and the XVII century, when the Cossacks made several sea raids against the Ottoman Empire.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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