The only identified candidate for the post of Prime Minister of Armenia


Nichol Fascinante: Asatur Esync / RIA Novosti

In the National Assembly (Parliament) of Armenia was the deadline for the filing of the factions of the applications for nomination of candidates for the post of Prime Minister. The only candidate is the acting head of the government of the Republic of Nikol Pashinyan. On Tuesday, October 23, reports “Interfax”.

Candidate Nikol Pashinian was put forward by the parliamentary faction of “EFC” (nine deputies from 105). Three parliamentary factions — the Republican party (50 members), “Prosperous Armenia” party (31 seats) and ARF (seven members) stated that they would not nominate its candidate for the post of Prime Minister.

Pashinyan has resigned from the post of Prime Minister of Armenia on October 16. This step was of a formal nature — the resignation was necessary in order to dissolve the National Assembly and hold early parliamentary elections in December 2018, as required by Pashinyan. “The road map to achieve snap parliamentary elections as follows: after my resignation, the President of the Republic [Armen Sargsian] accepts immediately the resignation of the government, over the next 14 days the National Assembly twice failed to elect the Prime Minister, with the result that the National Assembly is dissolved, the President appoints snap parliamentary elections,” — quoted in addition to

Thus, in accordance with the Constitution of the country, Pashinyan, the acting head of government until elections. If the first round of elections of the Prime Minister, which will be held on October 24, the Prime Minister will not be elected, the second round will be held in seven days. If the second attempt to elect the Prime Minister of the Republic does not succeed, then the National Assembly will be dissolved. The dissolution of Parliament and holding early parliamentary elections is part of the government program in addition to indicates Regnum.

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