USA started hunting for Russian hackers


Photo: Tomohiro Ohsumi / Getty Images

Cyber command, the United States began the hunt for Russian hackers. According to The New York Times, they report that they are calculated and monitor their activities.

This is the first cyber operation directed abroad, with the aim of preventing intervention in the American elections, including intermediate to Congress (to be held in November).

The military did not specify how many people came under suspicion and how cyber command officials have contacted those behind the attempts to influence the American electorate. According to a senior soldier, to direct threats of hackers is not received. Another interlocutor of the newspaper said computed hackers will face sanctions.

On 16 October it was reported that the Ministry of internal security of the country finds out who or what is behind the increasing number of cyber attacks on the database of the midterm elections in Congress. Then it was noted that the authorities did not know where the threat comes, however, all attempts of attacks prevented or their effect minimized.

In April, the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives of the Congress of the United States declassified the report on cooperation of US President Donald trump with Moscow during the presidential elections in 2016. According to the document, evidence that the business relationship of the American leader before the campaign became the basis for relations with Russia during the presidential race, no.

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