Bra of urchins infuriated animal advocates


Photo: @lizaveta3333

Politicians and animal welfare advocates rebelled against the bra of hedgehogs presented in the Museum “Erarta” in St. Petersburg. This was reported by “the St. Petersburg diary”.

The Deputy gosudmy Vitaly Milonov angered exhibit “Divas in the midst of” a bra stuffed hedgehogs and precious stones. The author kind of work that is presented at the exhibition “Wow Fashion” from October 2018, new Zealand Taxidermist Claire Third.

Milonov accused the organizers of the exhibition in the promotion of violence over animals and named the exhibit “the ugliness and savagery”.

Animal advocates supported the policy.

“It’s not art, it’s some kind of psychosis! The person who came up with that one, place in a psychiatric hospital! A complete mess!” — angry Chairman of the charity organization “Right to life” Svetlana Elk.

However, the staff of the Museum “Erarta” said Terd has invested in his creation a different meaning. According to them, the new Zealander decorated the costume with the skins of hedgehogs that have died previously, under the wheels of cars. Thus, he decided to preserve the memory of the tragedy and bravery of hedgehogs.

It is also noted that reprimanded the exhibit took first place in the design competition World of WearableArt in the category of “Bizarre bras”.

In August, the Builder Vladimir Ammosov Yakutia put up for sale the world’s only hat from the wool of a mammoth over 10 thousand dollars. The authenticity of the coat was confirmed by the Director of the mammoth Museum Semyon Grigoriev.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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