Discovered by the Turks sunk Russian ship


Photo: DEU

In the coastal waters of the Aegean sea discovered the wreckage of a military ship XVIII century, which belonged to Russia. It is reported by the Turkish publication EgeHaber.

The ship sank at a depth of 65 feet near the Turkish town of Didim. The wreckage of the ship scattered on the area of 200 square meters. Underwater archaeologists from the Department of archaeology, Ministry of culture and tourism of Turkey with the help of Autonomous underwater vehicle discovered a variety of artifacts, including cannons, core, weapons, and remnants of rigging. Experts have lifted from the bottom foot cannon, weighing 2.5 tons with inscription in Cyrillic and double-headed eagle, as well as dishes.

According to historians, the Russian ship participated in the battle of Chesma during the Russo-Turkish war of 1768-1774. Battle between the Russian and Turkish fleets took place on 24-26 June 1770 in the Chesma Bay.

Earlier, on 23 October, it was reported that archaeologists found at the bottom of the Black sea, the most ancient sunken ship, whose age reaches 2 400 years. Greek 23-metre-long ship was found at a depth of about two kilometers in good condition due to the oxygen deficiency at great depths.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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