In St. Petersburg police officers were convicted of blackmail businesses


Photo: Valery Titievsky / “Kommersant”

In St. Petersburg three police officers was sentenced to probation for abuse of power after they caused themselves on a RAID against the company, took all the equipment and demanded from the owners the money for her return. On Wednesday, October 24, according to a telegram channel United a press-services of the courts of the city.

According to investigators, in October 2014, the Intern-operative group of the criminal investigation Department Alexander Winter called the police, had a false name and reported that the company “EGC Master” allegedly engaged in illegal business and illegal use of foreign labor.

On the basis of his application to the company came operative senior operative of Department of economic safety and counteraction of corruption Igor Gerasimov and Dmitry Falin.

“They inspected the scene and seized all the computer equipment of the organization. (…) For the return of seized property required the transfer of funds in the amount of not less than 400 000 rubles, indicating that a negative response may jeopardize the normal conditions of implementation of business activity by initiating checks on spurious grounds”, — stated in the message of press-service.

Police officers found guilty of abuse of office and unlawful interference in the activities of a legal entity. Gerasimov and falina was sentenced to 2,5 years of conditional term, Winter was sentenced to two years and eight months probation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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