Of preaching tolerance of the Belarusian tutorial cut black


Image: the cover of the textbook “social Science. Grade 9”

Belarusian students found that photo on the cover of their textbook for social studies was taken from the microstock and edited the image was removed black people. It is reported Tut.by.

“A classmate decided to make a meme. Photographed the picture on the cover and scored it in the search engine. The Internet has given a lot of these images, but everywhere they were black and on the tutorial they are not. Even the man who stands in the middle,” — said the publication of one of ninth-graders enrolled in the tutorial.

Image: TYT.by

The Teens decided to clarify the situation and went to the teacher. “We asked teachers, how can this be on the social studies textbook. The subject teaches us tolerance, and this image contradicts this. The teacher explained that it was a coincidence. Rather, he says, the full picture does not fit, so have done so,” said the young man.

Edition Tut.by found that the textbook was published in 2009, and appealed to the artist of the cover. She said that details of the work on the cover of the Handbook does not remember. “In General, the use of stock photos in the original or processed is common practice. The idea of each cover of the textbook is born in a close collaboration of artist and authors. Are three, then one of them says a panel of the National Institute of education and the Ministry of education,” she added.

In turn, the publisher explained that when creating the cover of this textbook was used a photo purchased by the artist as a physical person in the world and edited them in accordance with the wishes of the authors and the customer.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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