Red a dozen orcas gathered to sell to China for millions of dollars


Photo: Phelan M. Ebenhack / AP

Activists of the Russian branch of the environmental organization Greenpeace warned authorities about the impending illegal sale in China red data book 13 killer whales, according to RIA Novosti.

“According to indirect data, it is known that now at least 11 of the 13 orcas kept in the shelter in the Bay near the Middle of the town. They are all caught in 2018 ostensibly for educational and cultural purposes, but actually we are talking about Commerce with fabulous profits. One orca can be sold for several million dollars,” said Greenpeace.

Ecologists have studied the database of customs declarations and found that in the years 2013-2017 from Russia to China had exported 15 of the marine mammals. According to these data, for each individual, the Chinese have paid approximately one million dollars. However, the Chinese aquariums on their websites they write that Russia bought in orcas cost about 6.5 million dollars (45 million yuan).

In RPN, which issues permits for the export abroad of rare animals, said that technically it is not on sale and on rent. The Agency promised to study the problem together with the FSB border service. “The common position will be developed, to the extent economically feasible and legally correct”, — said the acting head of Rosprirodnadzor Amirkhan Amirkhanov in conversation with the Agency.

Commercial harvesting of whales is banned in the country in 1982, their capture is only possible for training and educational purposes.

Far Eastern flesh-eating population of killer whales in 2018, listed in the red book of Kamchatka Krai.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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