The government took the gifts to the officials


Photo: Roman Yarovitsyn / “Kommersant”

The Commission on legislative activities of the government of Russia has approved the draft law establishing the list of permissible gifts to officials in order to improve state policy in the field of combating corruption. This was reported on the government website on Wednesday, October 24.

In particular, it is proposed to accept an outdated rule, under which civil servants and officials can receive gifts worth up to three thousand rubles. Instead, the limit value will be set to the list of permissible items.

“Employees would be permitted to accept gifts only in the form of printed products with the logo of the state authority, body of local self-government organization. It is also allowed to accept the flowers,” — said in the message. To the list of valid offers also include prizes, which are awarded as recognition (award) from the Agency.

When you receive a gift of unresolved employee must inform the employer.

In January 2014, the government ordered officials to notify the special structure in state organizations about received gifts. Gifts whose value exceeds three thousand rubles, recognized as Federal property.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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