The happy fisherman caught a perch and won 10 thousand dollars


Basil Te Afoto: @abramm97

Angler of the Australian city of Darwin, Northern territory, did not notice that his rod fell fish, for which he could get 10 thousand Australian dollars. Reported by ABC News.

Basil Te Aho (Basil Te Aho) caught white sea bass (barramundi) in early October. Fish for two weeks was in the fridge, until he was going to cook her for lunch. Only after that, the fisherman noticed it a little red label with the inscription “March 31, 2019”.

He realized that he caught one of lottery of fish for the fourth year released into the rivers in the Northern territory of Australia for tourism. If you catch one of them to the label that, you can claim a large cash prize.

Five fish with a tag, for which a million Australian dollars (47 million). A hundred of fish — labeled for 10 thousand Australian dollars (473 thousand). In addition, there are 20 fish for five thousand dollars, but the fisherman gets only half that amount, the rest goes to charity.

After a call to the organizers of the advertising campaign, the Aho found out that I won 10 thousand Australian dollars. He’s going to give some of the money 83-year-old father and other relatives, and the rest to spend on the trip to the hometown of new Zealand, Wairoa, located 5,400 kilometers from Darwin.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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