The labour Minister boasted to the growth of wages and angered Matvienko


Maxim Topilin and Valentine Matancita: Stanislav Krasilnikov / TASS

The Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko criticized the head of the Ministry of labor Maxim Topilin for a formal approach to social protection, reports “Interfax”. Federal official October 24, spoke at the “government hour” in the upper house of Parliament.

Matvienko urged Topilin strengthen the protection of those categories of citizens which are protected less than others. In her opinion, the authorities should do more to solve the problem with the benefits for disabled people and bureaucracy.

“This topic will attract attention of citizens, civil society institutions and the Council of Federation of the chamber of regions. I promise you that easy life you will have. And we ask with all the passion”, — assured the speaker.

According to Matvienko, she did not like the Topilin answers to the questions of the senators. “”I think”, “probably this is correct”… you can Think about something else, and here you have to take decisions,” she said.

He added that it has achieved from the Ministry of Finance the allocation of 300 million roubles to one of the regions to repair the five social institutions. “And calls me the Minister of labour and social security and said, “Valentina, and I do not have time to master”. Instead of saying thank you for you help, I will take control and we will try to learn them. Still a sense of outrage,” — said Matvienko, adding that to require allocation of funds from the government should the Minister of labour.

In his speech before the Senate, as passed “Interfax”, Topilin said that the Russian salaries this year rose more than 10 percent. Such indicators official called unprecedented.

However, Rosstat in its October report recorded a two-month decline in real incomes. In September, they fell by 1.5 percent in August and 0.9 percent. The cause of the fall, experts have called the acceleration of inflation. The average accrued salary of employees of organizations in the previous month was, according to Rosstat, 42.2 thousand.

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