The man bought the seven acres, declared independence and the monarchy


Photo: Steve Ogier page in Facebook

A resident of Guernsey, demanded an explanation from the UN after the local authorities did not recognize his sovereign monarch of seven acres, which he bought several years ago. This publication reports The Independent.

In 2011, 46-year-old Steve Ogier (Steve Ogier) has acquired a land area of 46 by 15 meters. For several years he stored his things there, and in 2017, decided to build a one-storey house. The authorities in Guernsey did not approve his plan and has not issued the construction permit, citing the fact that this place is not meant for human habitation.

In response Ogier declared his land an independent Kingdom called ever land and became its king. Then the newly made monarch appealed to the court and ordered to forbid the local authorities to interfere in the Affairs of a sovereign nation.

He referred to the signed in 1933, the Montevideo Convention is the international instrument under which the criteria of statehood are the presence of defined territory, government, permanent population and the capacity to enter into relations with other Nations. According to Ogier, the Everland satisfies all these requirements.

“The judge told me that a man can not rule himself, says the self-proclaimed king. But my daughter is also part of the population — Princess Evelyn Ogier, she’s eight years old. A total of five citizens, all have the right to vote, which makes them a population”. He acknowledged that citizens have to live in other place, because the country is not at home, and urged not to forget about inhabiting the Large wild animals, in particular beetles and worms.

The court did not recognize the Large, but Ogier is going to continue the fight. “I sent an email to the United Nations, now waiting for confirmation, he says. I explained to them who I am, and asked to respond whether that’s enough to be considered an independent country.”

The island of Guernsey located in the English channel approximately 40 km from the French coast. He is considered a possession of the British crown but is not part of the UK. From Guernsey has its own domain (.gg) and currency — garneski Frank.

In 2007, it was reported that the self-proclaimed Principality of Sealand, located on offshore platform 10 miles off the British shore, put up for sale. It tried to by torrent tracker The Pirate Bay, but the deal never took place.

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