A store employee found the purse and returned to the owner


Antonetta: page Sheila Spencer in Facebook

A resident of Birmingham, Alabama, spoke about the teen who returned her lost wallet and phone. The story of Sheila Spencer (Shelia Spencer) was published in Facebook.

The hero was an employee of Piggly Wiggly store named Anthony. Spencer left the truck on a special Parking on the street at the store and only at home noticed that I lost the phone. She started looking and realized that, in addition to the phone, no wallet, which contained almost $ 300 in cash.

American realized that might lose things in the Piggly Wiggly, I called the store and was surprised to find that all the lost things found. Arriving at the supermarket, she saw that all the money left in the wallet were in place.

It turned out that a teenager named Anthony found the lost and brought all the Manager, so he tracked down the owner. As a reward, Spencer gave him 100 dollars, and called his mother to personally thank you for such a noble son.

“His mother wept with joy. We hear so little about children who do good deeds, but talks about their bad behavior is more than enough. Let’s make so that this story became viral. Young men and girls need to know that good deeds are rewarded”, — says the publication.

Later, the store Manager gave a review of Yahoo, which said that Anthony is “really good guy with a good heart”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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