Apartments in Moscow record rose


Photo: Maksim Blinov / RIA Novosti

At the end of September 2018 apartments in under construction houses of Moscow has grown considerably in price, says the company “Metrium”, arrived in edition “” on Thursday, October 25.

Compared to September 2017, the average project cost has increased 12 percent, or one million rubles, and the price per square meter increased by five percent — from 150 thousand up to 158 thousand rubles, analysts estimated. Now the average apartment in new building in the capital of an economy or comfort class is 9.6 million rubles.

“The rise in prices on the mass of new buildings is driven by two factors, — the report says. — On the one hand, developers began to pursue a more confident policy pricing than a year or two ago. On the other — the demand of customers, focuses on the most offers are available. Accordingly, sales are usually the most expensive and less attractive apartments, especially if the project is not updated with new buildings. The premise of these General trends is a powerful customer demand”.

The main reason for the growth in demand for new apartments in the “Historical” referred to the reduction in mortgage rates seen in the first half of 2018.

A week earlier, it was reported that for the first time in five years, the discount to market of new buildings of Moscow region decreased to pre-crisis 2013: on average, developers agree to a discount of five percent. A year ago the figure was 15 percent.

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