Created biotypic of “liquid gold”


Photo: University of Cape Town

A group of students of University of Cape town (South Africa) under the guidance of Dr. Dillon Randall has grown the world’s first biotypic of sand and human urine, which was collected in the modernized University urinals. About it reports “Interfax”.

According to project scientist, Dr. Dillon Randall, the process of growing brick-like formation of shells. In the sand added bacteria forming enzyme urease. Then, when you add human urine, urease breaks the urea, at the same time as a result of complex chemical reaction produces calcium carbonate, able to consolidate the sand in the form of an object of arbitrary shape.

“From a chemical point of view, urine is liquid gold,” said Randall.

The new technology allows to increase the strength of bricks is 40% compared to the calcareous counterparts, the researchers note. In addition, the production of biochimica possible at room temperature, whereas a traditional kiln at 1400 degrees Celsius is accompanied by the release of large volumes of carbon dioxide.

In 2017, the Russian scientists from the far Eastern Federal University have developed a new environmentally friendly building material, which combines the properties of wood and plastic. As a polymer matrix composite material is polyethylene, the filler acts as a buckwheat husk.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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