In the Board game found a stash of diamonds for thousands of dollars


Photo: Chris Lightfoot

Australian couple, a few months ago moved to the canadian city of Toronto, and found in a box of old Board game stash of jewels. It is reported Yahoo7 News.

The discovery was made when 27-year-old Australians Chris Lightfoot (Chris Lightfoot) and Mandy Flack (Flack Mandy) visited parents. “I reasoned that when they have hardly waiting for a night of unrestrained drinking, so you should look into the thrift shop and buy some Board game,” says Chris.

The choice fell on a used puzzle, MindTrap, which cost just two dollars. After the game in the box revealed a double bottom, under which was hidden the six rings with diamonds. To find their former owner failed, so the pair decided to show the ring to the jeweler. According to him, the two most expensive cost five thousand dollars, and the total cost of all six is not less than 18 thousand dollars.

Jewels decided to save for a rainy day, but Chris did not lose hope that one day raised money to help him buy a yacht. “When our visas expired, we were supposed to buy a new yacht and sail it to the Bahamas,” he says.

In may it was reported that the family from new York found in his yard was buried a safe with money and jewels worth tens of thousands of dollars. As it turned out he had stolen from the neighbors about seven years ago. The couple decided to return found their rightful owners.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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