Milon stood breast to the defense of traditional values


Photo: Rosbalt

In St. Petersburg State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov has disrupted the opening of the LGBT film festival “side by Side”, blocking the entrance with his body. About it reports to “”.

October 24, before the festival, the MP, accompanied by the six men came to Cielito “Moscow”, where he was to undergo the screenings, and blocked the entrance to the building, which guests are unable to get to the gym. The organizers called the police, in response, Milonov had also called the police and reported the alleged hostage-taking. Arrived by special services with dogs for the inspection. Time to go inside and for a longer time checking the show had to be cancelled. Tickets lost about 400 people.

Press Secretary of the Deputy Ilya Evstigneev said to “Rosbalt” that the hostage-taking of speech was not. According to him, the Deputy conducted a public inspection, in which suspected LGBT propaganda among minors and called the police. “The police escorted everyone on the street. The start of the event was disrupted. In our opinion, it is a good tradition” — said Evstigneev.

He added that he will be prepared appeals to law enforcement agencies on the subject of administrative and criminal violations. In particular, Milon will be asked to check if there were any “recruitment agent of foreigners”.

According to the theater staff, the Deputy called the theater earlier in the day and demanded to cancel the shows. Otherwise, he promised to tarnish the image and to represent the school “a hotbed of homosexuality”, however, the workers did not succumb to threats.

Milonov is not the first time attending the LGBT film festival “side by Side”. So, in 2015, he has already managed to disrupt the opening of the event. He was not allowed to enter the visitors and demanded to stop the show, as it contradicts the Russian legislation.

International festival “side by Side” is held in St. Petersburg since 2008. Movies that it demonstrates the reveal of the topic of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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