Named best horror film in history


Frame: the movie “the Shining”

The publication IndieWire has compiled a rating of the best horror movies in cinema history. The list includes 100 films.

The first place took the Stanley Kubrick film “the Shining.”

The picture was taken on the novel by Stephen king. The main roles in the film played by Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall. In the story the writer with his wife and son arrived in a huge hotel, empty in winter, and gets back to work as a caretaker. After that the hotel begin to happen strange and frightening events.

The top ten greatest horror movies also got a tape of “the Texas chainsaw massacre,” “rosemary’s Baby”, “exorcist”, “Halloween”, 1978, “Psycho,” “Eyes without a face”, “Something”, “Alien” and “night of the living dead”. Hundreds of the best there is and one of the Soviet film “Viy” Konstantin Ershov and Georgii Kropachev.

In March edition of NME declared the worst horror movie in history. It was the Spanish film “Ouija: the Curse of Veronica”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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