Russia has accused the US drones attack Mamima


Alexander Fomento: Vadim Grishkin / RIA Novosti

The drones that attacked a Russian military base Hamim in Syria in January, ran with the spy plane of the US Poseidon-8. This statement was made Deputy Minister of defense of Russia Alexander Fomin, reports TASS.

“13 drones was a single military order, managed a total team. At this time, American reconnaissance aircraft, Poseidon-8 circled in the Mediterranean sea for eight hours,” he said. According to Fomin, the drones have encountered the operation of systems of electronic management, and then moved to the manual control mode. He noted that manually controls the drone “is not some peasant, but a normal, equipped with modern appliances Poseidon-8”.

“When these 13 drones came across our veil of warfare, they retreated to a certain distance, received the appropriate commands, and they started running out of space and to suggest to them the so-called holes, in which they started to penetrate”, — transfers words of the Deputy Minister TASS. He added that then the machines were destroyed.

The military said that in order not to fight against well equipped terrorists must stop their equip.

The Ministry of defence on 8 January reported on the prevention of attack 13 attack drones bases Hamim and Tartus in Syria. The incident occurred in the night of 6 January.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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