Sochi residents were scared of a fuel shortage and had a collapse


Photo: home “accident and emergency | Sochi” in “Vkontakte”

In Sochi due to floods caused by heavy rains, disrupted traffic. In social networks, local residents reported the collapse on the road and fear that gas stations run out of fuel. Members of the public “accident and emergency | Sochi” in “Vkontakte” posted a picture with a queue in front of gas stations.

“Traffic jams at gas stations. And some of the fuel already there. Then what will happen tomorrow? Public transport seems to also stop coming,” reads the post. In the comments, the residents urged not to panic and recalled that “blurs the road is not the first time”.

Motorists fear that there may be a shortage of gasoline and diesel fuel due to the fact that Sochi is temporarily interrupted by a message, said Maks Portal. Meanwhile local authorities are trying to calm everyone down. “Available in the city to stockpile food, fuel and other vital products fully enough to restore transport. Problems with the software of the city there is all necessary”, — assured the representative of the local municipality, reports the “Sochi Express.”

Heavy rains are in the Krasnodar region from October 24. A powerful cyclone led to flooding, flooding of railway tracks and the collapse of a road bridge. Also suspended rail service: the Tuapse — Krivenkovskoe photoplan.

On the Federal highway A-147 Dzhugba — Sochi because of the flooding collapsed a 20-metre section of the bridge over the river Makopse, which is located in the Lazarev district of Sochi. The movement towards the city is closed until 27 October.

To control the works on elimination of flood will arrive the Minister of emergency situations Evgeny Senichev, in addition to the work will attract more than 100 rescue workers, notes TASS.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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