The bus driver boasted shot down passers-by and lost his job


Photo: Charlie Whelan page in Facebook

The bus driver from the UK Charles Whelan (Charles Whelan) was fired after he boasted in a Facebook shot down two passers-by. It is reported by The Sun.

Heads of transport companies have begun an investigation after Whelan posted on his page record from the cameras, which was sealed by the collision of the bus to pedestrians.

“That’s what happens when you cross the road in front of a bus, ha ha,” wrote Whelan. Brother of the victim in the accident the woman asked the driver to drop frames, and after the failure complained to his superiors.

In the result of disciplinary hearings it turned out that the bus driver also laughed at Facebook over the pedestrians who were shot down himself.

“I sent them to the hospital. In any case, I clean under the old law,” boasted the driver.

As a result, management fired Whelan for the rude remarks and violation of company policy. He tried to sue former bosses for unfair dismissal, but was refused the lawsuit.

Earlier in this way have lost their jobs to British traffic warden Zoe Brant. The woman was called in social networks of offenders assholes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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