The CIA listened to the account of the murder of journalist


Gina, Haspelmath: Aaron Bernstein / Reuters

The Director of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) Gina Haspel familiarized with the audio recording made during the assassination of journalist Jamal Hakuji in the Saudi Consulate General in Turkey. About it reports Reuters, citing two of its own source.

According to them, Haspel listened to the recording during his visit to Turkey on 22 October. While officially comment on these data the CIA refused. According to the Agency, the Director of the CIA in the coming hours, October 25, will hold a meeting with the US President Donald trump. It will focus on the incident with Hakuji.

Earlier, Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu stated that Turkey has shared some information on the disappearance of journalist to those who have requested. According to him, Turkey does not intend to submit to the international court of justice, however, in the event of an international investigation will be to share data, reports Reuters.

Hakuji disappeared on 2 October after a visit to Consulate General of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul. He went there to receive the divorce papers. According to the testimony of a companion of the journalist, he never left. Embassy’s employees claim that the man left the building alive.

18 days later Riyadh acknowledged that the murder of a journalist occurred in the Consulate building. The government of Saudi Arabia stated that Hakuji died as a result of the conflict with the people he met in the Embassy.

Currently, a search for the body of a man. Media reported that the interrogation, torture and the murder was recorded on a smart watch Apple watch, and delete them from criminals completely failed. Experts put this version into question and noted that the records could be obtained through tapping at the Consulate.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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