The doctor took the patient 300 thousand dollars, and announced its retarded


Photo: Matt Rourke / AP

In the U.S. state of Tennessee, a doctor was accused that she borrowed from the elderly patient’s money, and then declared her a moron not to pay the debt. About this newspaper The Tennessean.

Disciplinary body that monitors the activities of health workers in Tennessee, examined the charges against the 79-year-old Suellen Lee (Lucas Lee). According to them, she borrowed 300 thousand dollars from an old friend and colleague, who treated her for over 25 years. When the woman asked to return money, Whether diagnosed her with dementia. Later, the psychologist is not found in a patient of signs of dementia. After that, the doctor suspected that it is diagnosed to avoid payment of a debt.

Lee agreed to surrender his license on medical activity and to pay a penalty of two thousand dollars (134 thousand). Despite this, she continues to deny wrongdoing and claims that a vindictive patient specifically framed her. According to the doctor, many of the details of the charges are incorrect: in particular, she took the money does not now, but about 20 years ago, and many years to pay the debt in parts. With regard to diagnosis, it was delivered two years ago, and then for this, according to Lee, there was every reason.

According to her, she decided to surrender the license and pay the fine on the advice of lawyers. “It was all a lie, but I said that resist going to be very expensive, explains Lee. And in the end will not bring any benefit. There was no chance to change her mind”.

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