Trump sent the military against the caravan of migrants


Photo: Reuters

The US President Donald trump said that sends its military to the southern border of the country to protect the American territory from the caravan of migrants. The head of state wrote on Thursday, October 25, on his Twitter page.

According to trump, the head of the National border patrol Council Brandon Judd was right when he said that Democrats initiated laws complicate the stop migrants at the border. “This must change, but I’m sending troops to [decisions] of this national emergency. They will be stopped!” — stated in the message.

Earlier, trump promised to cut financial aid to Latin American countries due to the migrant March. In particular, he threatened to Honduras.

In mid-October it was reported that approximately three thousand migrants crossed the border of Honduras and Guatemala and heading North toward Mexico. Later they were joined by about 1.3 thousand people. The movement, called “March of migrants”, not spontaneous — it has the organizers. The Guatemalan police failed to stop the Hondurans, in order to get to the U.S. or to seek asylum from the Mexican authorities.

On October 24 it became known that from Guatemala to the US moved the second caravan of thousands of migrants.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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