A century rider climbed onto the roof and got stuck for three days


Photo: Shutterstock

In the British city of Bigbury-on-sea, Devon, the survivor spent three days on the roof of his house. About it reports BBC News.

The disappearance of the 102-year-old Rona Easton (Easton Ron) noticed a woman who regularly brought him Newspapers and milk. She noted that a former racer in his time known under the name “Ron — hundred miles per hour,” did not touch two bottles of drink, which has never happened before.

Without waiting for the response to a knock at the door and phone calls, concerned woman turned to the owner of a nearby store. He sent the repairman, who found the survivor on the roof. Apparently, he’s climbing around on a ladder to fix the television antenna, and could not descend.

The elderly man was taken to hospital by helicopter, his condition is stable. Friends hope that he will fully recover.

In June it was reported that in the UK the fire brigade had to remove from the tree the man who climbed on a branch for a parrot and was unable to descend. While he was down, the bird escaped again.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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