American drank pills with green tea and lost liver


Photo: Jim Mccants Project

A resident of the American city of Dallas, Texas, Jim Mccants (Jim mccants project) took supplements with green tea extract lost of the liver. His story he tells news portal BBC News.

In 50 years, Americans are seriously engaged in their health: eating only healthy food, regular sport and drank up to six Beers a year. His father died at age 59 after a heart attack, and Mccants was very afraid of suffering the same fate. Among other things, he every day for two to three months took, what seemed to him a harmless dietary Supplement — green tea extract capsules. The advertising claimed that it will improve heart function, prevent cancer and help to lose weight.

However, one day he felt ill, called an ambulance and went to hospital with suspected cirrhosis of the liver. Doctors removed from the prerequisites for the development of the disease alcohol, Smoking and side effects from medications, as the Mccants was not bad habits, and he did not take the medications. The doctor concluded that the cause of the liver was the Supplement.

After a few days stay at the hospital the doctors said that he urgently needed a liver transplant. “I was told that I do not have even weeks — a matter of days,” he admitted. He was lucky — a suitable donor was found the next day.

Now, four years after the incident, Mccants is suffering from kidney disease and chronic abdominal pain. “I was much more active, and now I have a sedentary lifestyle, and I constantly suffer from fatigue,” he laments. The man filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of dietary supplements. He wants on the packaging of capsules were placed warnings about possible risks.

Supplements containing green tea extract certified in the US and the UK as food and not drugs, and therefore do not undergo such scrutiny as other medicines. Pharmacists can’t tell exactly what contra-indications they have.

“Not if you drink so much green tea, you are in no danger. At risk are people who consume green tea extract,” said Professor Herbert Bonkovsky (Herbert Bonkovsky), head of the Department of liver diseases at the University of Wake forest, 20 years engaged in the study of dietary supplements. He argues that the danger to the liver may present contained in green tea epigallocatechin gallate. He knows of about 60 cases in the hospital with cirrhosis of the liver many people were medicated with extract of green tea.

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