Counted as the richest people in the world


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For 2017, the combined wealth of world’s billionaires showed the maximum growth in history. This follows from the annual survey of Billionaires UBS and PwC Report 2018.

Last year the total capital of billionaires increased by 19 percent and reached $ 8.9 trillion dollars. It is the fastest growing state of the richest people in the world in the history of research. Almost a third of this increase was formed thanks to the emergence of 332 new billionaires. The list currently consists of 2158 billionaires.

The faster growing Chinese billionaires. Last year, it increased by 38 percent and amounted to 1.12 trillion dollars.

Most billionaires live in the USA — 585. For the year their range is increased by 22, the wealthy, and the combined wealth increased by 12 percent to 3.1 trillion dollars. In Western Europe the number of billionaires has increased from 397 to 414 people (plus 4 percent), and their General condition — with 1,568 trillion to $ 1.87 trillion (plus 19 percent).

In Russia for the year was only five billionaires more (101 vs 96 in the previous year). Their total wealth grew by 6 per cent and is now 409,3 billion dollars.

The study notes that soon we can expect the global redistribution of wealth. This is due to the fact that age more than 700 billionaires has exceeded 70 years. Thus, in the next 20 years, the inheritance can go around 3.4 trillion dollars.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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