Created artificial intelligence, the painting was sold for six figures

322 “Portrait of Edmond Bellamy”Photo: Christie’s

The picture painted artificial intelligence for the first time sold at auction. This was reported on the website of the auction house Christie’s.

Originally “Portrait of Edmond Bellamy” was estimated at 7-10 thousand dollars (460-660 thousand), however in the auction the amount has increased 45 — fold to 432,5 thousand dollars (about 28.5 million).

In creating the work was part of the Paris art staff of the “Obvious” (Obvious). He used an algorithm that analyzed 15 thousand paintings, Dating from the XIV to the XX century. Also the algorithm has determined who created the picture — a human or a computer. The work was considered completed when the system does not see the difference. Instead of a signature on the painting has put the formula on which it was created.

“Artificial intelligence is one technology that will have an impact on the art market in the future. Although it is too early to speculate what changes we expect”, — said the curator of the auction, Richard Lloyd.

Art is not the first time created artificial intelligence. Thus wrote the music — for example, the company Amper Music made using the algorithm album for singer Taryn southern.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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