Dodon again removed from power


Igor Dodonpachi: Gleb Garanich / Reuters

The President of Moldova Igor Dodon will again be removed from office. On Friday, October 26, said the Chairman of the Moldovan Parliament Andrian CANDU, reports

According to CANDU, the reason for this was another failure of the President to promulgate (sign and publish) two bills adopted by Parliament. In particular, he repeatedly refused to promulgate the project on the transfer of land on which is located the national stadium, the U.S. Embassy in Moldova, as well as a project about the celebration of may 9 Europe Day along with the Day of victory.

Speaker of Parliament also suggested that he intends to reject and a new Code of television and radio, which the ruling coalition will be forced once again to demand his removal from office and transfer his powers to the Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

“We are talking about the Code of television and radio, providing anti-propaganda and aimed at a certain state — the Russian Federation. The law we adopted in the final reading, and I suspect that it will also be returned to Parliament. This means the removal for adoption of all three laws,” said Kanda.

“This should not happen. Each of us, whether we like it or not, must perform their duties stipulated by the Constitution. That means not doing what is written in the law?!” — added the speaker.

During the presidency of Igor Dodon, the policy was suspended from duty four times already. On 24 September the constitutional court of Moldova suspended the powers of Dodona in the appointment of the two members of the government — he refused to sign the decrees on the appointment of Sylvia Rada as Minister of health, labour and social protection, and Nicholas Shank to the position of Minister of agriculture and regional development, as demanded by Prime Minister Philip. Documents appointing them in the end was signed by the candidate.

Double Dodon was suspended in January 2018. Then the court ruled that the decision to ban the broadcast of news and analytical broadcasts from Russia can be signed by the speaker of Parliament or Prime Minister because he refused to do it. A few days earlier the President’s powers were suspended due to the failure of Dodona approve the proposed head of the government the nomination of the Ministers and Vice-premiers.

In October the authority of Dodona was suspended after he twice has not agreed on a candidate for the post of defense Minister.

Moldova is a parliamentary Republic. Pro-European parties have a majority in Parliament between MPs and the Dodon constantly having differences.

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