Google has hidden the sexual harassment of a top Manager and pay him millions


Andy Rubinato: Paul Sakuma / AP

Google has hushed up a scandal involving sexual harassment the Creator of Android Andy Rubin. Instead, the developer paid $ 90 million, The New York Times reported, citing the company’s employees, who wished to remain anonymous.

In 2013, Rubin was accused of sexual harassment one of the employees of the company. According to her, the man forced her to perform oral sex in a hotel room. Guide Google investigated the incident and concluded that Rubin was guilty. He was informed about the decision of the Commission, and in 2014 the then CEO Larry page signed the order of dismissal.

According to the newspaper, Google could fire ruby and nothing to pay for gross violations of company policy, but the Corporation decided to provide him compensation in the amount of $ 90 million in installments. For four years the man received about two million dollars per month, as severance pay. The last payment scheduled for November 2018.

Shortly after the release of the material Rubin contacted the editorial office and denied some of the facts about him.

“History of the New York Times contains numerous inaccuracies concerning my work in Google and wild exaggeration in regards to my compensation,” said Rubin. He also noted that he never forced the girl to perform oral sex in a hotel room. A man called this story a rumor, which launched his ex-wife to win a divorce.

After Rubin commented on the situation and CEO of Google Sundar Pichai. He noted that over the past two years the company laid off 48 employees for sexual harassment, while none of them received severance pay.

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