Mexican driver lynched for hitting the crowd of pilgrims


Photo: Carlos Jasso / Reuters

Mexican pilgrims lynched the driver, who was speeding and crashed into the crowd. This publication reports Excelsior.

As a result of collision one person was killed, another 32 were injured, among them — 14 children. After the accident, the pilgrims pulled the motorist from the car, beat him severely and set fire to the truck. From the received traumas it has died on the spot.

The tragedy occurred in the night of Friday, October 26, in the municipality of Chalco. 400 pilgrims heading to the local Church to celebrate the day of the patron Saint.

In April it was reported that in Mexico a suspect in the rape was thrown in the cage with crocodiles. In July, India mob lynching of five people for false reports of abduction of children circulated in WhatsApp. Later for the same reason, local residents were subjected to lynching the woman.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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