Optical illusion made bride naked on wedding picture


Photo: @imdur254

Optical illusion for wedding photo made by network users believe that the bride stripped on the celebration. The incident drew the attention of the newspaper the Mirror.

In the photograph, the bride is half-turned, surrounded by guests. She is dressed in a elegant wedding dress. However, below the belt outfit suddenly disappears, his place is depicted bare body. At first glance it seems that the bride’s bared buttocks.

On close examination, it turns out that it was an optical illusion, recorded by the photographer. In the foreground in front of the bride was one of the invitees to the event. Her naked arm, held tightly to the body, from afar like buttocks.

Photo originally appeared on the portal Imgur. Users have watched it more than 100 thousand times and left dozens of reviews. Some were convinced that they had to look at a picture to understand how an optical illusion embarrassed for the bride. Most commentators coped with the solution of the puzzles for half a minute.

Earlier the commentator of TV channel “bi-Bi-si” accidentally made compliment breast Princess Eugenie. The incident happened during the broadcast of her wedding. It happened because of an error in the automatic decoding of words for subtitles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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