The artist collapsed housing prices


Photo: Stanislav Tikhomirov / “Kommersant”

Prices on the primary luxury housing in the Ostozhenka district fell by October 2017 14 percent, thereby setting a record growth among all Metropolitan elite locations. This is evidenced by the materials of the Department of consulting and Analytics of the international company Knight Frank (of edition”.ru”).

The average budget of buying luxury housing in the Ostozhenka in October 2018 amounted to 234 million rubles, which is 20 fewer than a year earlier, the company said.

Thus, according to Knight Frank Ostozhenka remains in second place in the list of most expensive Metropolitan areas, yielding to the Patriarch’s ponds. Square meter in these locations is 1.4 million and 1,78 million roubles, respectively.

“In 2019, possible significant change in performance in new buildings on Ostozhenka (…) in connection with the implementation of new projects, adds Lyudmila Potapova, Director of residential property at Knight Frank. — Moreover, the speaker can be both negative and positive as the projects will go as higher local market price and conversely, lower”.

In General, prices in Moscow’s elite new for the year increased seven percent, to a level of 757 thousand rubles per square meter. The most notable increases by 30 percent, to 815 thousand rubles per square meter was observed in the Tver region.

In the summer of 2018, analysts Kalinka Group has estimated that in the secondary market of the Metropolitan area the “Golden mile” refers to the street with adjoining side streets, empty 68 percent of luxury apartments. “We are seeing a deserted area in the heart of Moscow, walking distance from the Kremlin. Unfortunately, in connection with changes in economic, political, but also active development of high-end development and his transition to a new quality level of projects, owners need to subscribe to the losses and leave with property that had long ceased to be an asset,” — commented Ekaterina Rumyantseva, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kalinka Group.

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