The F-35 will change the fuel lines


Photo: Sergey Mamontov / RIA Novosti

Management of joint programmes F-35 Lightning II was temporarily suspended the operation of some of these fighter jets fifth generation from the first production batch, which has flown many hours, according to the Marine Times.

“A joint government and industry technical team has completed an assessment of the fuel lines in the engine Pratt & Whitney on the F-35 aircraft. In addition to the previously identified faulty fuel lines, the analysis revealed two additional fuel, required inspections”, — said the administration.

In the report, which the publication received from the structure, it is said that some of the older engines with the most hours of flight may require replacement of fuel lines. At the same time technical data gathered as a result of the analysis led to the need to establish “a requirement for temporary stage inspection of the aircraft engine depending on its salatnogo time” although in General the model elements are not faulty. “Procedure for checking and replacing can be done within the pre-service, not involving removal of the engine,” — said in the service.

They say that airplanes that have not reached the “verification requirements” will continue to perform normal operations.

A specific number of F-35, the flights are suspended, not called, however, according to close to the source control, it is about a couple dozen machines. The restriction applies only to versions with short takeoff and vertical landing F-35B, which is “susceptible to various loads”, whereas the model F-35A (for the air force) and F-35C (carrier-based) check as part of routine maintenance.

The source also noticed that the fuel lines will be replaced according to the latest and previous decisions of the service, delivers the same manufacturer.

On 11 October, the office has suspended flights of all F-35. The limitation was caused by the discovery of “specific defects in the fuel” engines of Pratt & Whitney F135, the aircraft USMC F-35B, which crashed in September. By 15 October, 80 percent of aircraft worldwide resumed flights.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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