The Minister of labour puzzled by the reaction of the Russians to “an unprecedented rise of”


Maxim Topicinfo: Alexander Miridonov / Kommersant

The Minister of labour and social protection Maxim Topilin said his statement on the unprecedented growth of salaries in Russia, reports RIA Novosti.

“I rely on the data of Rosstat, anything from itself not making this up. I believe that good news should be perceived normally, for some reason it causes some issues. I think it’s all the same to us to learn and to be able to good news to rate positively,” — said Topilin, adding that every merit on its own. “Someone grew up more, someone less,” the Minister concluded.

In his speech at the government hour in the Federation Council on 24 October, the labor Minister said that salaries in the current year rose more than 10 percent. Such indicators official called unprecedented.

This statement has caused negative reaction of Russians in social networks. Then the Chairman of the upper chamber of Parliament Valentina Matvienko criticized Topilin for a formal approach to social protection.

According to Rosstat, the growth of average monthly wages in January – August 2018 really amounted to 11 percent compared to the same period last year, however, the calculations do not take into account inflation.

However, in its October report, Rosstat recorded a two-month decline in real incomes. In September, they fell by 1.5 percent in August and 0.9 percent.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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