The White house counted iPhone trump


Donald Truephoto: Leah Millis / Reuters

The media coverage about listening to foreign intelligence services phones US President Donald trump — “the fiction and fake news.” The head of state wrote on his Twitter page.

“The New York Times a new fake story about the fact that now Russian and Chinese (glad they are now about the Chinese say) listen to all my calls on my cell. Only here mobile I rarely use, but when I do it is always authorized government phone. I prefer a secure connection”, — he wrote.

Trump also called the article of the edition is long and boring and said that he had no time to correct it. According to the American leader, he does not neglect safety and uses just one iPhone, not three. “I use only public phones, and I have only one public mobile phone. This story is absolutely not true!” — he wrote.

That newspaper article “contains inaccurate information,” said and White house spokesman Hogan Gigli, reports The Hill. According to him, trump is only one state of the iPhone whose data is protected using the most advanced technologies. “The security of this phone is provided with the best options available in the industry, and is completely under state control,” said Gigli.

Earlier The New York Times reported that the President of the United States three mobile phones from Apple: one for apps, one for calls and another personal where you saved his old contacts. Trump allegedly has to make calls that don’t register at the White house. In addition, the newspaper wrote that the head of state does not comply with the security requirements, and not often change phones, because of what Russian and Chinese spies can get access to state secrets.

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