Trump will meet the caravan of migrants “iron curtain”


Photo: Moises Castillo / AP

USA can close the southern border of the country for migrants from Latin America and prevent them to seek asylum in the United States. This was announced by The Washington Post from the representative of presidential administration of the USA of Donald trump..

According to the newspaper, the American leader can dare to take this step to stop moving in the direction of the southern border of the United States, a caravan of migrants. In this case, he uses the same presidential powers that were used in 2017, when a ban on the entry of citizens of some Muslim countries.

Trump has previously written to the military on the southern border to protect American territory from the caravan of migrants. He called the situation an emergency and pledged to stop them. Also the leader of the American States has threatened to cut financial aid to Latin American countries due to the migrant March.

24 October it was reported that the US moved the second caravan consisting of thousands of Honduran migrants. Then they were at a distance of 1.8 thousand kilometers from the us border.

The construction of the wall on the border with Mexico was a key campaign promise trump. After election to the office of President in January 2017, he signed two decrees: on the protection of the state border envisages construction of the wall on the border with Mexico, and immigration. In early August, it was reported that the American leader gave the order about the construction of large sections of the wall.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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