Two sweet persimmon has been sold for nearly five thousand dollars


Photo: NHK

In the Japanese Prefecture of Aichi sold two persimmon for 540 thousand yen (more than 4,8 thousand dollars). It is reported by NHK.

We are talking about persimmon varieties ankafobe, which first went on sale in 2016. On the creation of varieties spent 11 years. Exactly who acquired two of the fruit, not reported.

The fruit was sold in the Central wholesale market in Nagoya. Locals, who witnessed the auction, said, “only when you look at this persimmon already feel rich.”

Last year persimmon of the same grade sold for about the same price. Then the sales representative office of the Japan Federation of agricultural associations ito Yoshiyuki explained that the value of this fruit lies in its incredible sweetness: “If in normal persimmon sugar content is about 15-16 degrees (Brix — approx. “Of the”), in this elite class, he is over 18,” said the expert.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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