Car number “the Muscovite” Choi auctioned


Photo: screenshot / NTV

The number of the car, which in 1990, crashed the leader of group “Cinema” Victor Tsoy, put up for auction in St. Petersburg. This was reported on the website of the TV channel NTV.

Starting price of the lot — two million rubles. In the room, “I’m 68 MM 32” traces from the blow, and in several places seen exploding metal. As it became known, the current owner found it purchased the garage in Jurmala. Director of the auction house “Russian enamel” Sergei Burmistrov told “Fifth channel” that two other people have offered to tender the power of attorney to a car driven by Viktor Tsoi.

“You can probably positivechillout and say that the Choi wants that because of the two sources nenahodimaya thing. No one knew — neither the people who were involved in the work of Tsoi, which preserved the sign where it is. And then, on the one hand, there is the sign, and on the other hand, absolutely from other people — a power of attorney to drive the car with this license plate”, — he said.

According to the Director, most likely, the numbers and the power of attorney to auction, which will take place on 15 November.

In September, at the auction sold other things Tsoi: passport, notebook with phone numbers of the Leningrad and Moscow rock musicians, as well as the manuscript of the song “I Want change”.

Viktor Tsoi died at the age of 28 on 15 August 1990 after his “Moskvich” flew into the oncoming lane and collided with the bus “Ikarus” on the road Sloka — Talsi. The bus driver was found not guilty.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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