American son dressed in the costume of Hitler, and complained of persecution


Photo: Daily Mail

Brian Goldbach, a resident of the state of Kentucky, United States, dressed five year old son in the Hitler costume on Halloween and faced a barrage of criticism. The story of a bad outfit tells the Daily Mail.

Goldbach has published in Facebook a photo in which she and her son are going on Halloween. The child is dressed in the costume of Hitler, the Goldbach stands in the way of an SS officer. The post the man said, as adults threatened to break up the outfit with his son, shouting curses to the boy and scared him.

“All our friends know that we love history and often change different historical figures — tried to justify the Goldbach this choice of outfit. Tonight we saw people in suits killers, mass murderers and devils. No one and did not blink. However, our historical outfits cried not only ridicule, but actual threats,” said the man.

Users of social networks have not supported it and criticized the image of the dictator, calling Goldbach a racist and a coward. Later, the man apologized and explained that do not consider suit properly. It is not expected that the outfit would cause so much controversy.

Rabbi Gary Mazo from the neighboring state of Indiana has declared that anti-Semitism has no place on Halloween. “It is important that the father apologized, but that he did not think about the inappropriate and offensive nature of the image — a very sad reflection of our society. Here’s a good rule: if your costume reminds about the millions of innocent dead people, pick a different costume,” said the Rabbi.

In October, social networking ridiculed father, who tried to order for my son’s costume, but the couple did not want to pay for it. The man turned to the businessman who is engaged in the manufacture of different products on a 3D printer, and asked him to print the costume Optimus Prime. Knowing that the work will have to pay about a thousand dollars, he got mad, swore at the manufacturer and began to threaten him, considering the price unreasonably high.

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