Become aware of the cost of U.S. “democracy promotion” in Russia


Alexander Zemlianichenko / AP

Moscow has no facts of intervention in the internal politics from the US and knows that instructs the state Department to spend $ 20 million a year for “democracy promotion” in Russia. About this program “Russia. The Kremlin. Putin” said foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, whose words leads TASS.

“Not only do we have some suspicions in their relationship, and their law called “the Law on support of Ukraine”, adopted in 2015. In accordance with the state Department not only offered, but ordered to spend 20 million dollars a year to promote democracy in Russia, including financing of Russian NGOs advocating the “democratization” of all spheres of life,” — said Lavrov.

According to the head of the foreign Ministry, U.S. diplomats repeatedly been seen at public events of the opposition, including non-system, “with the slogan of regime change and so forth.” Lavrov said that his American colleagues are trying to turn it into a joke, but on the facts of interference in the internal politics of Russia is no response from their side.

At the moment, all organizations that receive funding under this act are checked, Lavrov added.

In October, the US presidential Advisor for national security Affairs John Bolton said that the Russian authorities need to pay attention in their policies. In his opinion, Russia should stop interfering in elections, to withdraw from the Crimea and Donbass and to stop using illegal chemical weapons to the assassination of Russian emigrants in the West.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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